22 Amazing health benefits of Yoga


 It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi: those who practice yoga, can enjoy the amazing health benefits. We have created a Top 22 list in which we would like to describe you about those benefits of yoga:

 Healthy through Yoga  

1. Protects the spine
There are many yoga exercises that involve bending forward and backward. They help you to make your spine strong and flexible.

2. Strength the immune system
Just 10 minutes of morning yoga on an empty stomach can help you achieve many health benefits. It helps strengthen the immune system and protect the body against environmental factors.

3. Yoga for a perfect posture
Bad posture can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. There are many yoga exercises that help to achieve a better posture.

4. Feel fresher during the day
To practice yoga is the best way to become a morning person. It also helps to make the face appear more radiant. You will also feel fresher and more energetic throughout the day.

5. Improves flexibility
Everyone who practices yoga benefits from improved flexibility. Bending forward as well as bending the back can help to make your body more supple.

6. Helps to lower blood pressure
High blood pressure can lead to various disorders of the body. If you practice yoga for at least 15 minutes, it will help to bring your blood pressure under control and strengthen your immune system.

7. Regulates the cholesterol level
Yoga can help to lower cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol means preventing calcification of the blood vessels.

8. Makes you happy
Studies have shown that people who practice Yoga are happier. Another reason to practice yoga.

9. Treats depression
Yoga has proven to be an emotional boost. There is evidence that people are more relaxed and better able to come out of depression through yoga.

10. Treats osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become brittle. Yoga can strengthen your bones.

11. Helps you lose weight
How can we not mention this amazing benefit of Yoga? Practising yoga regularly helps you lose weight.

12. Helps with digestion
Yoga can stimulate the metabolism by moving and massaging the digestive organs.

13. Promotes healthy sleep
Yoga also helps to promote sleep. Ask your yoga teacher* which exercises are right for you in the evening.

14. Healthy lifestyle
Since yoga does not only include exercises, but can also influence your lifestyle, you will encounter new recipes, for example. Do some research on “Rich nutrition”.

15. Advantages at work
Yoga will increase your energy level. This benefit of yoga can help you to work with more creativity, clearer thinking and higher concentration.

16. Appear taller
In Yoga you stretch a lot and get more self awareness. This can lead to you walking more upright and thus appear a little taller.

17. Yoga as anti-aging
Through the alternation of tension and relaxation, the skin becomes firmer and therefore appears younger.

18. Increases self-esteem
Yoga strengthens self-confidence and can be accompanied by a feeling of gratitude and empathy.

19. Helps to reduce alcohol consumption
Regular exercise can reduce the craving for alcohol and other stimulants.

20. Increases perception
Regular yoga can give you more inner peace. This leads to a better perception and lets you become more relaxed.

21. Yoga for pregnant womens
Yoga during pregnancy helps to reduce emotional stress. In addition, certain yoga exercises can help relieve pain during conception.

22nd Yoga against pain
Regular exercise can reduce back pain and joint pain, for example.


 Yoga philosophy from B.K.S. Iyengar. Indian Yoga teacher and founder of Iengar Yoga




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