Healing Sound Therapy

Healing and Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowl


One of the elements that should accompany those who seek immediate inner relaxation, should have in their possession a sound bowl either Tibetan or its modern version in quartz which is accompanied by a mallet with which circles are drawn around the edge of the bowl and this ends in the execution of a sound that tends to be prolonged giving continuity to the movement, thus establishing the appropriate tone to meditation according to the proposed intention.

It is often used to promote an atmosphere of relaxation and prepare for sleep or the beginning of a task that requires concentration, as well as states of restlessness to seek to calm down gently and sometimes breathing techniques do not work, that is to say that it helps to clear the mind to achieve calm easily and quickly.

We recommend consulting more details and information regarding sound therapy and its respective benefits, and the use of the singing bowl at home by Susy Markoe Schieffelin of The Copper Vessel, a sound healer from Los Angeles.

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What makes a singing bowl special?

  1. Traditional singing bowls are hammered by hand and each one is tuned to play a note corresponding to a chakra.
  2. As the author Markoe explains. “The bowls vary in size, from the tiny five-centimetre bowls that produce a very loud timbre, to the larger 30-centimetre bowls that create deep, grounding vibrations. Tibetan singing bowls transmit grounding and cleansing energy. These sounds can help move energy blockages in the body”.
  3. History suggests that although the bowls are called “Tibetan” they may date back to 560-480 BC and have been used in Tibet for centuries. Today, sound baths (often with singing bowls) have become more popular in Western cultures as one of the best ways to practice Zen and meditation.

How can be explained the healing power of sound bowl therapy?

During a bath or sound session, healing sound vibrations are generated with the rubbing of the bowls and other instruments created specifically for these practices such as the GONG which you can find in our specialised category also available for sale. The resulting energy flow of the healing vibrations can help to calm the mind and heart rate, finding relaxation and allowing you to enter into an immediate state of meditation. According to Markoe “Part of the science behind a sound bath is that the healing frequencies of sound are coupled to brainwaves and can effortlessly lead to brainwave states associated with deep rest and meditation. This is possible simply by lying back, relaxing and letting oneself be carried away by the sound vibrations that flood the environment”.


Evidence from published studies such as the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative medicine reveals that meditation with singing bowls had positive effects on the mood, anxiety, pain and spiritual well-being of the 62 people who participated, immediately reducing tension, anger, fatigue and feelings of depression.



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