Yoga therapy? Sounds perfect for me!


 The yoga therapy consists on specifics therapeutics applications with yoga techniques, here you can find the most relevant points about it!  


  • Yoga Therapy Today
    Furthermore, the self-healing powers in the human being are activated. The physiological effect of certain movement and breathing exercises, but also that of relaxation, has been scientifically proven in many areas. Thus, depending on the problem, specific emphases can be set on yoga therapy. Since yoga is a comprehensive and holistic concept, the work is not purely symptom-oriented. Yoga always involve the person as a whole.


  • When should the therapy used?
    For complaints of the musculoskeletal system, mainly for back problems. But also for asthma, diseases of the nervous system and cardiovascular diseases. Yoga therapy can also be used to treat mild mental ailments and anxieties. The famous Indian musician Ravi Shankar swore by fear of flying on the pranayama, the alternating breathing from yoga. Pranayama can release stress and lead to deep states of relaxation.


  • For whom is the therapy suitable?
    As a rule, in a normal yoga class it is not possible to respond to each participant individually. Yoga therapy is suitable when a person’s special health needs require individual attention. Also people who cannot attend a yoga class due to illness or chronic complaints are well taken care of in yoga therapy.

 Previous knowledge of yoga is not necessary for the patients!  


-Some Physical effects can be-

– release tensions

– positively influence blood pressure

– Alleviate back pain

– Training body awareness

– Strengthen the immune system


-Mental effects can be-

– reduce anxiety

– Reduce stress-related symptoms

– Find inner peace

– Achieve Serenity

– Gain clarity



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